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junk car for cash!

If you drive in Los Angeles County, it will not come as a surprise to you that there were 7.4 million registered vehicles in 2014 (source 1). And that number doesn't even include tourists and commuters who journey to Los Angeles every day. With all that traffic, some of those cars need to be retired. You can turn your old car into cash right here.

Use our instant quote tool or give us a call. If you like the numbers you see, you can send that old wreck down the road in the care of our junk car experts. You will have cash for your car before you know it.

Junk Cars

The teenagers in your home needed a reliable, older car to drive. Now they've gone off to college and the car is in your driveway. Your ad on Craigslist didn't get a single taker. The neighbors aren't too happy about it, either. The clunker needs a home.

Non-running Cars

Your favorite aunt just passed away, and she left you her car. It doesn't run, but it's a classic. You don't have time to renovate it.

Damaged Cars

After the accident a few weeks ago, your damaged car just isn't worth repairing. It still runs, but it looks like it belongs in a demolition derby.

Newer Cars

It's a nice car, but you don't need it anymore.

You may not need that car anymore, and letting it sit around doesn't make sense. Fortunately, we can help. Use our instant quote tool (above or wherever on the page it is) or give us a call at (323) 736-4080. If you aren't sure, our quotes are friendly and hassle free. We think you'll like what we can do.

What do we do with those old cars?

Most of cars we buy end up as scrap. The fluids and batteries are disposed of safely, and the metal used for scrap. The scrap metal from your old car might just end up in a new car next year. Sometimes we sell the old automobiles to collectors. The parts are useful as replacement parts for repair of older, similar models. A few can be sold after some repair work is done for someone else to enjoy.

Your Junk Car Solution

If it is time to get that junk car off your driveway, get in touch. Our specialists will get that car out of your way, usually in 24 hours or less. Best of all, you will have traded that old car for cash.